You can read the Bible regularly with the Five Day Bible Reading Plan!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Story Behind the Creation of this Reading Plan?

Over 30 years ago my wife and I were trying to figure out how to help people stay with daily Bible reading. It is a difficult daily discipline. As we thought about it we realized that having to read every day, day after day, can be a barrier. If you ever miss a day you have to read double the next day and it really adds up from there. People get discouraged and quit. So we decided to see if we could build a reading schedule with a little slack in it. My wife did the math. I worked out the readings. It was very well received from the beginning.

Why Do We Read Job at the End of the Year?

This is one of my favorite questions because it shows the reader is thinking. First, no one knows when Job lived or when his book was written. It is undated. However, it certainly seems to be from the period of time before Moses, and many scholars believe it is possibly the oldest book of the Bible. Job may have lived before Abraham! However, it is a hard book to start a year’s worth of Bible reading with. Genesis is such a natural beginning point. Finding a place to put Job once the story of the Bible gets going in Genesis and then into Exodus becomes very difficult. So we decided placing it at the end would be best.

Why Are the Gospels Split Up?

The gospels are split up so we are regularly reading about Jesus all through the year.

Why Do You Start with Mark? Everybody Else Starts with Matthew!

The reason we start with Mark and then read Galatians is very simple: these books have short chapters and are short books. We are trying to build the habit of Bible reading by helping people have success. “Oh, that wasn’t so difficult and didn’t take that long” is what we want readers thinking all through January. Once Bible reading becomes more regular and habitual we stretch the reader to longer books.

Do the Readings Change from Year to Year?

No. We adjust the dates every year but the readings remain the same.

Can we Get this Plan in YouVersion Please?

This is the most common question we receive. The answer isn’t easy. YouVersion has a submission process that is complicated, and they receive so many submissions they have even refused new submissions in the past! Further, the format YouVersion uses for submission would mean we would have to re-type the Five Day Plan and do a ton of other formatting work on it. The bottom line: we just haven’t got around to doing all of that yet! We have had people enthusiastically volunteer to format the Five Day Plan … but it is a daunting process and no one has ever completed it.

When Will the Plan for Next Year be Ready?

The plan is posted for our Patreon community (go HERE) by December 1. The general public can download the Schedule on December 26.

Can you tell us something about yourself and your faith?

I don’t post a profile or information about me here because I want the Bible to be front and center, not me. I am a Christian who believes the Bible is the authoritative, inspired, inerrant word of God. I fear that if I talk about me on the site then someone who doesn’t share my views – even of the Bible’s inspiration – might decide the reading plan isn’t for them. But everybody needs to read the Bible! Young, old, new believers, non-believers, seasoned Christians – everybody needs the Word of God. So I keep myself out of it and put the Bible forward!