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Sometimes the automated download process glitches and you may not receive your PDF.  Don’t panic.  We aren’t scamming you and we will be glad to email it to you directly if you’ll just let us know something went awry.
Please don’t start a case with Paypal as that hurts our business with Paypal and can result in all sorts of complications on our end. We will either send you the PDF you ordered or refund 100% of your money cheerfully.  We want you to be a happy and satisfied Bible reader.

About the Author of the Five Day Reading Schedule

The Schedule and Companion were put together by Mark Roberts.  Mark is a Bible-believing Christian who believes the Bible to be the inspired and inerrant Word of God. He deliberately keeps himself out of the spotlight so that the focus is on God’s Word and reading it. If he published more details about him and his beliefs that might cause some people to think the Schedule is not for them but the Five Day Bible Reading Schedule is for all people of every stripe, flavor, and color. Everyone needs to read the Bible.  Suffice it to say here Mark loves dogs, coffee, reading and Jeeps. And he is deeply committed to helping people develop and sustain the habit of daily Bible reading.

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Lower Lights Publications is a small religious publishing business based in Bedford Texas.
You can write us at 3808 Horizon Drive, Bedford, TX  76021.